When is SheetsCon happening?

SheetsCon begins on 11th and 12th March 2020 from 10am EDT to 6pm EDT.

What is the best hashtag to use for SheetsCon on social media?

Please use #SheetsCon2020 for all your social media tagging needs 🙂

Can I attend just the specific sessions I’m interested in?

Yes, of course! Once you’re registered you can attend any or all of the sessions. Drop by morning of day 1, come back afternoon of day 2, it’s up to you!

Will replays of the sessions be available?

Yes! Session recordings will be available afterwards to all attendees.

How much does SheetsCon cost to register?

Nothing! Nada! $0. This inaugural edition is free!

Can I sponsor SheetsCon?

Sure, we’d love to chat. Drop us a message here through the contact form.

Can I share with friends / colleagues?

Yes, please do!

Wait, I still have a question…

Drop us a line here through the contact form.