SheetsCon Code of Conduct & Tips for Participating

We’re so glad you’re joining us for SheetsCon! Please note the following to ensure a smooth experience as a participant.

Our Code of Conduct

SheetsCon is committed to providing a safe space that fosters learning and connections. We do not tolerate harassment in any form. As a member of our community, we expect you to be courteous and considerate of your fellow attendees.

We recognize attendees will bring different opinions and ideas, and we celebrate that diversity! Let’s all do our part to keep discussions respectful, so everyone feels comfortable having a seat at the table.

We reserve the right to remove any attendee who does not abide by this Code of Conduct.

Tips for Participating

We want you to get as much as possible out of this online conference! A few tips for accomplishing that:

  1. Learn the platform. While Hopin is easy to use, you’ll be quicker to catch on if you watch this 2-minute explainer of how to use the platform from our founder Ben Collins.
  2. Come prepared. Review the schedule ahead of time and mark the topics that look most appealing to you. Briefly review each speaker, so you know their expertise and what you hope to get out of their talk. Do the same with our sponsors; which vendors do you want to make sure you don’t miss during the conference?
  3. Participate in discussions. You can do this in a number of ways: through the chat box, on social media using #SheetsCon2020. Our speakers are amazing, but the information they share is simply a starting point. Let’s have conversations around their ideas!
  4. Go beyond the main stage. The main stage tends to be attendees’ “safe zone,” but our conferences offer so much more. Try out our one-on-one networking to meet new friends and professional contacts! In addition to dedicated networking hours, the booth will be open throughout the entire conference, so you can visit at your convenience.
  5. Support our sponsors. Here’s another way to go beyond the main stage; visit our sponsor booths and learn about their products. You might discover one that could change the way you work! These sponsors helped keep this event free for attendees, so let’s support them however we can. Most of our vendors offer special discounts for SheetsCon attendees, so you’re likely to grab a good deal as well.
  6. Make this event work for you. Remember: You don’t have to attend every session. In fact, we don’t expect you to! Take breaks when you need to, and join us when you can. That’s the beauty of an online event; it’s easy to pop in and out on a schedule that works for you. 

Let us know if you need help.

Thanks for sharing this time with us! We’re glad you’re here.